9 Restaurants for Chinese Food Halal Medan Part 1

Are you a Chinese food lover? Every time you go holiday you must search for a place of Chinese food? If yes you are, it means before going holiday, you must surf to find out where the Chinese restaurant that you can try some. As if you want to go to Medan, you should figure out the best Chinese restaurants in this city that will accompany your holiday as well. No matter what you are a Moslem or not, you still have chance to taste the delicious Chinese food in this city. Notice that, if you want to taste the Chinese food, you should find out the Chinese food halal Medanand where you can find them.

All you can do before D-day of your holiday, you have to find out the Chinese food halal Medan resturants and where you can find them to ensure that you will not get lost while going culinary there. It also will make you can schedule your itinerary well to visit the Chinese restaurant that you want to try some. These are the 3 lists of 9 Chinese halal food restaurants part 1 you should not miss them:

  1. Mie Ayam Kumango. If you want to taste rich of Chinese flavor noodle with the spicy b chicken broth served with chopped spring onion, chicken and veggies on a bowl. This restaurant is located in Jl Mangkubumi number 16. It opens every day starts from 6.30 a.m. until 11 p.m.
  2. Mie Ayam Akong/Acim. This restaurant serves you a legend of Chinese halal noodle in Medan because this restaurant has built for about 30 years ago and many people have proved the delicious of this Chinese noodle dish. You should not miss this legend culinary in Medan because you will not get taste in other cities. A flavor and soft noodle which is served with cakwe pieces, egg duck, and other ingredients create a delicious noodle ever. Make sure you have tried this legend Chinese noodle before leaving this city as well. This restaurant is located in Jl Perniagaan which is not a crowd street in Medan.
  3. Nelayan Restaurant. If you are looking for the best dimsum Chinese food, you can go to this restaurant as well. Dimsum is one of the Chinese foods which is cooked with the steam way and it has rich of flavor which make this food become one of favorite Chinese foods. This restaurant also serves you a various Chinese foods such as seafood, shrimp, rice, and others with a Chinese flavor on it. This restaurant is located in Jl. K. H. Zainul Arifin number 7 or in Sun Plaza in the 3rd floor C number 38-41. The open hour starts from 11 a.m until 10 p.m.

Those are the 3 of 9 Restaurants for Chinese food halal Medan part 1 you should try some before leaving the city and shouldn’t miss it away. You just have to ensure that you have tasted all of them and feel the rich of Chinese flavor that you will not get from the other cities as well.


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